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I’m talking PONIES over at Boy Meets Boy Reviews today

Hello Loverlies,

I’m talking about the amazing Pony Express, PONIES, and my upcoming story in Once Upon a Time in the Weird West over at Boy Meets Boy Reviews. PLUS I’m giving away a copy of The Devil Lancer, so join the conversation!

Reaper’s Ride is my contribution to this amazing collection of weird west fantasy stories by an incredible array of authors.

Johnny Jenkins loves most aspects of riding for the Pony Express, but the loneliness can be hard to abide. When a raid injures the station keeper at remote Jacob’s Well, Johnny is left alone to tend the incoming riders until a replacement can be found. Isolated and without even a horse to keep him company, Johnny thinks he might go mad from solitude.

That is, until he meets Sye Fairchild, a rider for a different kind of express. This one operates in the shadows, and the deliveries are of a much darker nature. Sye is dashing and kind, but he’s also under a deadline—he’s got to finish his deliveries by Friday, or he breaks a very old and very serious bargain.

And as Johnny finds a kindred soul in Sye, he realizes that soul needs saving—even if it means ruining his own.

The book is out December 16 (THIS FRIDAY) so order your copy today!


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