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New Hanukkah romance coming this December!

When I first decided to corner the gay Hanukkah romance market, I didn’t realize that there would be an actual market. I mean, how many people want to read about latkes with their steamy gay sex?

Many people!

So many that I feel bad on the years I can’t deliver a holiday romance because I’m too bogged down in other writing projects.

So this year I made it a priority to get a happy holiday romance completed in time for the season. And I’m pleased to announce that the final volume of the Holidays with the Bellskis series, Wedding Bellskis, will be coming this December from Loose Id!

Actual release dates, cover info, and blurbs will follow in the next few weeks. Until then, know that the manuscript has been submitted to my awesome editor, and we’re well on our way for a Happy Hanukkah.



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