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Hell Cop 2

Hell Cop 2

The sequel to Hell Cop is here!

Hell Cops have to do more than just serve and protect the humans, sorcerers, and demons of Parmas City. They also have to fight to keep their romances alive.

Trust Me by Astrid Amara

Brian Day is no longer the naïve country boy Jay Yervant fell in love with. A hardened hell cop with dangerous powers, Brian’s osmotic abilities are growing out of control. When two men are found dead, killed by an osmotic, Jay wants to clear Brian’s name. But Brian’s erratic powers threaten even Jay’s survival, and he’s left wondering if his lover is as innocent as he claims.

Dark Waters by Nicole Kimberling

After a year of seeing Detective Argent, Michael Gold is uncertain about the future of their relationship. Can a liberal university professor and a Hell Cop find a happily ever after? When Michael invites Argent on an anthropological study, he thinks they’re performing an experiment in domesticity. But when a dead body appears, Michael and Argent end up playing detective instead of playing house.

Such Heights by Ginn Hale

Photojournalist James Sparks fled to the exotic Storm Palace to escape his relationship troubles. But soon he’s witness to a murder, and the man he least wants to deal with — his lover, Detective Ben Moran — is on the case.

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E-Book from Loose Id: $7.99.

The prequel is Hell Cop 2