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Working working working! I’ve been busy this season on a new sci-fi romance, the sequel to Policy of Lies. Since I don’t contract my books until they’re written (deadlines were giving me stress-explosions), I don’t have a release date. But know that something is planned for early next year.

AND I have a short story coming out this winter in a collection being published by Dreamspinner. I can’t share all the great details yet, but stay tuned! There will be a cover reveal in November and information about pre-ordering. I’m so excited I can hardly wait!

Until then, may a recommend a fantasy series? I just finished Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy and I’m a complete fangirl now. I’ve never read a book that makes truly evil bad characters genuinely likable. You actually root for them. While they complete horrific crimes. And if you’re an audiobook lover like me, I highly recommend the audiobook versions narrated by Steven Pacey.

Happy autumn, and I’ll be shortly announcing details on my upcoming December title!




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