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Extra Stuff

The Devil Lancer

Oh, hey. You. Nerd person. Look what I got for you!


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Photographs by Roger Fenton (Spring 1855)
Roger Fenton was the first war photographer and his images, while not capturing the action of the war, still lend a breathtaking glimpse into the lives of those participating in the Crimean War. View the images here:

Maps from The Devil Lancer

The Devil Lancer Comic Book

A very badly drawn illustrated version of The Devil Lancer was (badly) made as part of a book promotion. Take a look but be warned: it's very very silly.

The Devil Lancer Comic

Story Illustrations

The talented artist Puss In Boots made two illustrations of my short stories, "Remember" and "Lord Ronan's Shoes" in the Two Tangled Tales E-Book/Tangle XY Print Anthology from Blind Eye Books.

From "Lord Ronan's Shoes"
Lord Ronan's Shoes by Astrid Amara

From "Remember"
Remember by Astrid Amara

Irregulars Illustration

The incredibly talented Leah Hsieh drew this awesome pic of Deven Shaw and Agent Silas August from "No Life But This" in the Irregulars anthology. I love it so much!

Deven Shaw and Silas August

Hell Cop Map

Have you read Hell Cop? Hell Cop 2? Ever wondered where all the characters lived in relation to the locations of the scenes in these anthologies? Wanted to know where things that are never even mentioned are located?

Or hey, maybe like me you’ve always wanted to know the geographic layout of the shopping districts of an entirely fabricated metropolis!

In that case, I have a present for you. A PDF of Parmas City. Go on. Look at it. Be a map nerd.


The Archer's Heart

The Archer's Heart Covers

Because the electronic version of The Archer’s Heart has been released as a serialized, three-part collection, the incredibly talented cover artist Dawn Kimberling created two additional covers for the book. Here’s the stunning covers for Books Two and Three.

The Archer's Heart Book 2 by Astrid Amara

The Archer's Heart Book 3 by Astrid Amara


Speaking of The Archer’s Heart, the incredibly talented and generous artist Maegen Peeples made an awesome postcard illustration from the book!

The Archer's Heart Postcard